Building Engagement With Millenials

Building Engagement With Millenials

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By: Bill Hanifin, Hanifin Loyalty; Ragy Thomas, Aiti Solutions; and Bjorn Larsen and Alte Skalleberg, Edhance

The marketing revolution isn’t just coming…it’s over. And consumers have taken permanent control of the equation – selecting which brands they will embrace and which they’ll reject. Discussions of impressions, response rates, data- based marketing and segmentation are being replaced by a demand for just-in-time, relevant communications that build genuine, trust-based relationships between consumers and brands. And if you think Consumer Engagement is
all about “going viral” – think again.

In fact, Consumer Engagement is taking accountability to a whole new level. This session will cover the basics, and then some, of Consumer Engagement – exploring the new rules of this critical marketing discipline and sharing real- world examples of how this new approach is building powerful, often-impenetrable relationships between brands and their customers. It will also uncover how marketers can create marketing platforms that combine new media sensibility with accountability and find consumers on their terms to form a meaningful connection.
We know who they are and understand their general make- up. The challenge remains to create and execute strategies to engage the Millennial generation in our Loyalty Programs. Effective communication is a challenge, as Generation Y spans an age range that deserves to be addressed in three or more distinct segments. The myriad of emerging social media tools remain unfamiliar to many marketers and complicate the task.

Join Bill Hanifin, Hanifin Loyalty LLC, and Bjorn Larsen, CEO Edhance, Inc. to share the experience of seasoned marketers who are actively involved in engaging and building loyalty across the three segments of Generation Y – Teens, University age, and Career Starters. In addition to other panelists, a leading Social Media expert will share insight into how social networks and micro-blogging tools can be incorporated into communication plans to drive engagement and build loyalty.
Long term brand loyalty is dependent on a successful first step- engagement. Don’t miss this session if you want to be in touch with this increasingly powerful consumer group of over 80 Million people.

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