Building AdWords on the Fly


Building AdWords on the fly is dangerous. No, maybe I shouldn’t go that far. It isn’t going to damage your health, but it is just plain risky when it comes to the damage it could to to your bank balance. There’s no doubt that making money online by using PPC and AdWords is a powerful strategy. But it is equally difficult to master and requires deep pockets to compete at the highest levels.

I’ve had my share of experiences when it comes to AdWords. The most memorable was when I set up a test campaign one Friday afternoon with a high CPC and a high daily budget for a very high search volume term. I know. Your alarm bells are ringing already. But I had a great plan and a reason for doing it and was looking to test something overnight. Of course (if something didn’t go wrong I wouldn’t be writing about it here obviously) something happened and I wasn’t able to check my results or turn off the campaign until Monday morning, by which time I had literally spent thousands of dollars for very little return.

Most of the time AdWords and PPC mistakes don’t go quite that far. They usually result in a few dollars lost here and a few hundred there. With some small wins in between to break up the depression. That is, unless you’re a super affiliate with guru dollars and a real strategy with perfecting your ad positioning and returns. These powerhouses can lose thousands at a time for days or weeks intentionally – testing and tweaking campaigns until they start to turn a profit. Then they go on to make thousands back and more. But most mere mortals can’t afford to play with the big boys of PPC and don’t have the constitution for it.

So, we build AdWords on the fly in the hope of making a few dollars on some hair-brained idea and a few random keywords. We’re not even a chance of making money online in the long run from these kinds of strategies and would be better off staying out of it altogether. Building AdWords on the fly is simply a bad idea.