Buffalo And Erie County Naval & Military Park, An Insight Into The Us Military

.tags The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, previously called The Buffalo Naval and Servicemens Park functions as a military themed museum which is very popular with visitors as well as local residents. Situated in the environs of Buffalo in New York on Lake Eries shores, the park features decommissioned naval vessels, an array of military equipment and diverse exhibits on various topics relating to the armed forces.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of the museum is the USS Little Rock, a guided missile cruiser which originally was a Cleveland class cruiser before receiving its missile capabilities. It was initially commissioned on June 17,1945 and was converted to its new function in 1960. The vessel was decommissioned in 1976. In its working lifetime the USS Little Rock functioned admirably as flagship for the Sixth and Second fleets, making two cruises to the North Atlantic and four to the Mediterranean.
The USS Sullivans is a destroyer of the Fletcher Class commissioned in 1943. It is named in commemoration of the valiant service of five brothers who laid down their lives for their country in the Battle of the Solomon Islands when the ship in which they served was sunk. The Sullivans served courageously in World War II, taking part in intense battle in the Carolines, Marshalls, Philippines and the Marianas. It also functioned in the conflict in Korea and the Blockade of Cuba.
Not to be missed at the park is the Gato Class submarine USS Croaker, which saw service with commendable distinction in World War II, in which it saw combat with the Japanese Navy and merchant marine, sinking 11 Japanese craft.
Other interesting craft on display include the Rotorcycle Helicopter X-Ron 1, a one-man open helicopter; the Marine M-84 Armored Personnel Carrier; the M-41 Army Tank, a lightweight variant which was utilized in the conflict in Korea; the F-101F Voodoo Air Force Fighter Interceptor jet, and the UH-1 Huey helicopter, amongst several others.
Make it a point to view the diverse exhibits on display which range from armed forces memorabilia to themes such as women in the military, contributions of African-Americans to the US military heritage and Vietnam veterans.
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