Budgeting for Your Honeymoon | Top 10 Romantic Hotels


Honeymoon is the best intimate time that a newly married couple can spend with each other. Every couple looks forward to a great honeymoon with loads of beautiful memories that could accompany them for the rest of their lives. To make those memories even more unforgettable, people book the best honeymoon vacation spots available. A few couples even get honeymoon tickets of some plush places, as their wedding gift! But, what about the working class couples who spend half of their savings for the preparations and shopping of the wedding itself? What about the couples who cannot afford those lavish honeymoon destinations? Aren’t there any ideas for planning honeymoons on a budget for them? Well, there certainly are!

Ideas for Honeymoons on a Budget

For starters, I would suggest you to save some money from the initial wedding budget. This way you can save a few bucks for planning not so deluxe but at least a ‘semi-deluxe’ honeymoon, for sure! If it is not possible for you, then you should first prioritize your expenditure goals for the honeymoon. Once you do that, you can always consider these following ideas to plan great honeymoons on a budget. More on honeymoon planning ideas.

Love Thy Country
You have to hunt some romantic vacation spots within your own land, because it is impossible to trip overseas without spending a bounty amount of money from your pocket. Airline booking itself can work as a bombshell for all your plans for honeymoons on a budget, let aside the idea of visiting the lavish traveling destinations like Venice, Jamaica and Maui. So, go and explore some local natural scenery and man made monuments. Once you take this seemingly ‘hardhearted’ decision, then your honeymoon budget will get substantially reduced. Read more on budget travel.

Try Cruise vacations
The best way to have a plushy honeymoon is to plan for a snug cruise vacation. A cruise ship equates to an all inclusive resort, while some of them also offer you some exciting honeymoon packages. You can find various cheap cruises with plenty of money saving schemes, that accommodate you a luxurious yet fairly affordable suit with best amenities and less prices. If you can bear with the family atmosphere, then going for the family cruise ships is also an affordable way to cut back your budget and enjoy each other’s cozy company at the same time.

Timeshare and Resorts
If one of your friends and family members has a luxurious timeshare on a beautiful location, which they are banking on, (and if they are emotionally close to you), then you can feel free to discuss your money problem with them. If it’s convenient for them, they can offer their timeshare as a wedding gift for you to spend your honeymoon in. Another option is to look for the discount resort deals (they do have cheap honeymoon packages). They are a great choice if you can fluctuate your honeymoon location for saving the money.

Honeymoon Registry
Honeymoon registry is a new and popular concept for planning honeymoons on a budget. In such scenarios, the wedding couple creates its own registry by tying up a contract with a travel agent. By this mean, your wedding guests can help you with your honeymoon expenses, in some way or the other. They can choose gifts which can be useful for making a smooth honeymoon plan for you. It is a nice and practical gesture rather than selecting an expensive yet useless gift for the newlyweds. More on cheap honeymoon ideas.

Romantic Honeymoons on a Budget

In my opinion, you don’t need budget to have a romantic honeymoon. But as a newlywed couple, it is your right to explore a few romantic honeymoon destinations, without burning a hole in your pocket. By this going, there are a few tourist destinations which can be affordable for your honeymoon. Tropical and beach vacations are full of excitement of scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, surfing and kayaking. More on romantic honeymoon vacation ideas.

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget
Talking about tropical honeymoons on a budget, East Asian countries like Thailand, especially Phuket and Bangkok; Indonesia, especially Bali; Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi; India, especially Kerala, Goa, Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Sri Lanka; Maldives; Kenya; Mexico; Fiji; Dominican Republic; the Bahamas; etc., are the best tropical honeymoon destinations.

US Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget
If you are looking for the honeymoons on a budget inside the US, then you can surely opt for places like Hawaii, especially Big Island, Arizona, Florida, Orlando, Grand Canyon, Colorado, Wine County and California, New York City, US part of the Niagara Falls, Las Vegas and many such cheaper options with a plenty of sightseeing and a lot of relaxation. The east coastal sides of the US are the cheaper if you have decided to plan your honeymoon in the US. More on affordable honeymoon destinations.