Budget Beating Giveaways


Looking for ways to beat the credit crunch? Promotional products are the perfect way to advertise your brand, especially when marketing budgets are stretched. Here is our guide to the best budget beating giveaways.

Plastic Promotional Pens

Plastic pens are the ultimate low cost promoter and one of the most effective ways to market your brand. Available in virtually any colour they are suited to any type of promotion and offer an effective means to display your logo and contact details.

The mobile nature of promotional pens also means that your logo is likely to be used by several people, further increasing your brand visibility.

Promotional Carrier Bags

Imagine your logo being carried around by your customer or prospect. This is exactly the kind of exposure you can generate by advertising your message on a promotional carrier bag. Normally this kind of visibility doesn’t come cheap but with a promotional carrier bag you have a walking billboard for a fraction of the price. Not only this, promotional carrier bags are one of the most useful giveaways and are likely to be used over and over by any recipient.

Promotional Coasters

Look around the desk you are sitting on and the chances are that it will have a promotional coaster on it. Promotional coasters are practical, offer excellent branding potential and are one of the most cost effective ways to connect with customers. They are also a fantastic way to ensure your company message stays on your customer’s desk throughout the year.

Sticky Notes

A sticky note is the perfect office companion and provides the ideal, low cost backdrop to your logo. Sticky notes come in a range of colours and sizes and are perfectly geared up for direct mail campaigns. Being lightweight also means postage costs are low so you can target your customers with a highly useful, budget friendly giveaway.

Promotional Keyrings

Practical, portable and inexpensive – just some of the reasons why keyrings make the ultimate giveaway. Printed keyrings are one of the industry’s all time best sellers and come in a range of styles to accommodate most requirements. With standard shaped keyrings it is nearly always possible to print on both sides so this is worth considering to double your visibility. For maximum impact, full colour printing is also a worthwhile option to showcase your logo in all its glory.

Whatever type of giveaway you decide on the most important thing to bear in mind is the purpose of your promotion. To help you decide be sure to speak to a reputable promotional products company, who will be able to point you in the right direction.