Brother Ink Refill


If you are the proud owner of a Brother printer, maybe you noticed how cheap it was when you bought it and how expensive the first set of replacement cartridges were. Why is it like that? Brother printers are indeed a great printer but unfortunately like all other printer manufacturers the inks are prohibitively expensive.

More Expensive Than Caviar

Did you know that gram for gram or ounce for ounce printer ink is more expensive than very expensive perfumes and even more expensive than caviar? So why are they so expensive? Is it because they are so difficult to produce? Is it because the ingredients are so rare and difficult to come by? NO

Hooked You Into a Cycle of Buying

The real and only answer is that once the printer manufacturer has lured you in by selling their printer at such a low cost, they presume they have forever hooked you into a cycle of buying expensive inks (which is their true revenue stream). The profit margins on original inks are staggering and printer manufacturers will do almost anything to protect their share of the ink market for example, putting the print head onto the cartridge or putting identity chips onto the cartridge etc..

You will no doubt be interested to know that Brother is one of the only printer manufacturers that do not put any kind of electronics onto the chips. This is potentially very good news for the Brother owner because it means that third party cartridges are available.

Caution on Quality

When choosing a compatible ink cartridge you need to be very cautious about the quality of the ink inside it. The cheapest cartridges are really not worth the risk as the ink inside is likely to damage your print head and shorten the life of the printer. Some compatible ink manufacturers do not care to much about the quality of the ink they use because the only concern they have is to compete at the lowest possible price. At first for the buyer this war on ink prices can seem great, but try to avoid it and go for the higher grade inks.

The Best Solution

The best solution for brother owners at the moment is the range of refillable cartridges available. These cartridges can be used again and again and will last the lifetime of the printer. They are easy to fill and do not even have to be removed from the printer to do so. The next step is to purchase only premium grade inks filtered specifically for brother printers. You will save a fortune compared to Brother’s own prices without the risk of damaging your printer. Other thoughts are the time you save not having to go out to purchase cartridges and also the number of cartridges you will keep from ending in landfill.