Brexiteer Kate Hoey SLAMS Remainer Anna Soubry for Brexit-thwarting attempts in Parliament

Brexiteer Kate Hoey SLAMS Remainer Anna Soubry for Brexit-thwarting attempts in Parliament

KATE Hoey called out Tory politician Anna Soubry and other pro-Remain MPs for delaying the discussion on the Brexit bill with 400 proposed amendments.

The pair were commenting on Labour MP Frank Field’s bid to “minimise” attempts to further delay the Brexit process.

Ms Hoey said a key reason for the delay was the high presence of former lawyers within the British Parliament calling for the in-depth legal analysis of the Brexit Bill’s structure.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, Ms Hoey said: “I’m afraid that is the feeling, certainly the feeling around the country, that this is getting delayed so much and there are so many people who are actually almost working against the interest of getting a good deal.

“That’s the problem, there are too many lawyers in government!”

Ms Soubry defended herself, claiming she and other colleagues only wanted to “protect” the British public by making sure the Brexit Bill was fit for purpose.

She said: “It’s actually quite outrageous. Look, we need to put all this law into the substantive British law. There’s nothing wrong with that because we are protecting our constitution.”

Labour MP Frank Field announced his bid to minimise the chances of the Bill being derailed.

Mr Field issued a call for voters to write to their MPs asking them to support what he calls his “slimline Brexit Bill” as MPs and peers posing as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are seeking to defeat the legislation.

He warned that as things currently stand voters “could be forgiven for thinking that the Government’s strategy for leaving the EU is being run by those who actually oppose Brexit”.

Mr Field added: “That should set the alarm bells ringing”.

The EU Withdrawal Bill was designed to ensure Brexit Britain maintains legal continuity once the UK officially leaves the European Union in 2019.

Mrs Soubry previously said the Brexit bill “must” pass but called on the Government to further include Parliament during the Brexit process.

She said: “The mistake Government has made throughout this whole process is to exclude Parliament. Parliament should have been there to assist government and give the mandate to the government.”

MPs from both sides have tabled over 400 amendments and new clauses in an attempt to slow down the Brexit process.

A senior Conservative backbencher told City A.M.: “Clearly the volume of the amendments is as much an attempt to slow the bill as it is serious attempts to improve it.

But the MP also added there were many “sensible” proposals being presented.