Break Up Advice


A break up is something that almost every person will experience in their life.  Very few people manage to find the ultimate love of their life on the first try.  At some point, most people end up asking, “Is this relationship working for me?”  You are the only person who can decide how much you are willing to put up with for the sake of staying together.  There are many times when people stay in a relationship just because they are comfortable with the routine and they prefer avoiding what they see as inevitable pain if they end the relationship.

Before making any drastic decisions about your relationship, you should take some time for yourself and really think things through.  If it helps you , you can make a list of the good things and bad things about your relationship.  Keep in mind that sometimes we get so close to each other in relationships that we take each other for granted and do not even realize how poorly we are treating our partner.  You may just need to shake things up a little or discuss feelings that are screaming to get out in the open.  Resentful feelings that are held inside don’t do anyone any good at all and they can really wreak havoc on a relationship.  Sometimes they can even lead to a break up without ever being expressed to the other person.

Of course there are some times when a relationship just needs to be ended.  If you are being abused, the relationship has to end.  There is no reason in the world to allow that to happen to yourself.  If your partner betrays you, puts you down, insists on controlling you, lies to you, or cheats on you, the relationship is no good.  Those are not small things that need to be worked on together.  Those are major issues that you should avoid.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is basically a good person though, you might just need to work things out.  If your partner still expresses their true feelings to you and is open to commitment, they are probably feeling some of the same worrisome feelings that you are right now.  Assuming they have not hurt you before and your relationship has no history of cheating or disrespecting each other, you might just need to get a little space and a new perspective on each other.  You might benefit from taking a step back from the situation, giving each other a little bit of space for a short period of time, and then getting back together to see how you feel.