Booking Your Next Cruise While Onboard a Cruise


While cruising, you will be offered the opportunity to book for a future trip. Should you take advantage of the offer? Yes! Many clients are hesitant to book for several reasons.

First they are concerned that their travel agent will not be able to assist them with the reservation. Secondly many clients don’t know where they want to go next, or what date they wish to travel. Last but not least, client worry that prices will drop in the future and they will  be stuck at the price they booked onboard.

I wanted to take a moment and address each one of these concerns separately.

The cruise line has in their computer system your travel agent of record. Just let them know you will be using the same agent, and the agency will receive a confirmation via fax or email while you are still on your cruise.

Not sure what ship, itinerary or date you want to go on next?  That’s okay. The cruise line will hold the $ 100 per person deposit until you are ready to apply it to a booking and if you change your mind, the money is refundable.

Cruise fares do change frequently, but the best way to look at it, is that you are locking in at the lowest prices at that time. Should the cruise fare drop, your rate will be adjusted, but should the prices go up, you are secure in knowing that your lower rate is protected.

So let me review the benefits of booking onboard. You only have to give a deposit of $ 100 per person, versus the regular deposit amount of up to $ 500 pp. You receive a shipboard credit on your future cruise. Shipboard credits will vary based on the length of your next cruise and the type of cabin you book, but range, on average from $ 25 to $ 100 per person.

Clearly there are no drawbacks, as I mentioned earlier, you can always change your mind. So next time you are onboard a cruise, take advantage of the reduced deposit and onboard credit offers by booking with a future cruise consultant.