Body Language Attraction – The James Bond Technique


Body language attraction techniques have been around for a while, but I’m sure there are many men out there wondering which ones work, and which ones don’t.

In order to answer that question, lets look at a few things…

First off, what are women attracted to?

We all know that women are attracted to things like money and fame, but even more importantly (and luckily for those of us who aren’t rich and famous), women are attracted first and foremost to one thing: PERSONALITY.

So – what types of personality traits attract women?

Years of research and experience in the field of women and dating has taught me that women are attracted to men who are confident, intriguing, powerful, and who have a great sense of humor.

Let’s think for a second. How do men who are confident, intriguing, funny and powerful act?

Well for starters, their body language is congruent with who they are. That is to say, they act confident, powerful, and intriguing. Think James Bond for a moment. How does he act?

James Bond is a great example of a PERSONALITY that women are extremely attracted to, because his body language portrays an image of these characteristics. He oozes body language attraction cues.

The good news is, you don’t need to be James Bond to send the same body language attraction signals he does.

In order to attract women, all you need to know what they are attracted to, and become that guy.

Now, I can almost hear you saying “Why can’t I just be myself?” Before you throw me over the fire, let me ask you something: Would you rather “just be yourself”, or would you rather be confident, intriguing, powerful, and attractive to women all at the same time? That guy could be you!

Being yourself is all good and fine, but the fact of the matter is, women are CONDITIONED to be automatically attracted to these things, so why not work on yourself to become the man of a woman’s dreams?

OK – now back to the question, “What kind of body language attraction signals do women find attractive?” And let’s get a little more precise. Think about James Bond again, and let’s list some of the ways he portrays these attractive qualities with his body language.

1. He’s laid back – James Bond is NEVER in a rush. He moves slowly, with calm, fluid motion. He’s always composed and seems to have everything under control, even when he doesn’t. This is how confident men act.

2. He maintains eye contact – If you notice how James Bond looks a women, he always holds his gaze a “little too long”.

3. He smiles – There’s an important distinction on this one, because you don’t want to be grinning at a woman, but you do want to be able to cast her a “knowing smile” – if you know what I mean. Smile at her as if you know an embarrassing secret about her. It’ll drive her nuts.

These are just a few ways James Bond uses body language attraction cues to drive the ladies nuts…