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Abuja is a land of natural and architectural landmarks. If you have booked flights to Abuja to spend your vacation, just read this article. The contents of the article will make it easier for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. To book cheap flights to Abuja, you can avail the services of some travel website at any hour of the day.

Climatic Conditions of Abuja

Climatic conditions of Abuja are variable where weather remains warm, humid, rainy, or excessively hot dry. It is in the October when the warm rainy season gets over and the climate turns pleasant. If you want to enjoy your trip to the city to the max, it is best to book Abuja flights in advance with the help of an online travel service provider.

Major Tourist Spots in Abuja

Abuja beholds some finest architectural sites along with some natural destinations which make it an ideal place to hang around. Go through the following section to have a look at what is in store for the tourists visiting the magnificent city. 

1. Aso and Zuma Rock

What add to the serenity of Abuja are the Aso and Zuma Rock which have attracted travelers across the globe. It is basically a megalith spreading across 400 meters. Closely situated to this location are the National Assembly, the Supreme Court as well as the President’s Residential Complex.

The Zuma Rock is also known as the Gateway to the city and the sight you get to see is worth every single penny you spend on your visit to Abuja.
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2. Gujara Falls

For those who love natural sightseeing will definitely feel exhilarated once they visit Gujara Falls. The tranquility of the surroundings will make you feel relaxed and enthralled at the same time. An ideal picnic spot, Gujara Falls stand high on every tourist’s list.

3. National Church of Nigeria

An excellent amalgamation of craftsmanship and perfection, National Church of Nigeria attracts many tourists throughout the year. You can easily reach the destination with the help of local conveyance. Earlier, this spot was famous as Nigerian Ecumenical Center.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, you can also visit the Eagle Square, IBB Golf Centre, Abuja Zoological Park, and the Velodrome. If adventure rubs into your veins, you can also visit Maitama Amusement Park or Wonderland Amusement Park.

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Dining and Shopping

As the tourism grows to be boom in the Nigerian capital, tourists can find some really exquisite places to dine. Allow your taste buds to experience some authentic Nigerian food as well as several international dishes.

There are various memento shops from where you can buy handicrafts made by the locals. You can pick from a wide range of artifacts and gift items to add to the looks of your bedroom, living room, or the guest hall. 

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