Blogging – Why Your Visitors And Readers’ Comments Are Important


Some time ago, I made a post on the correlation between a blog, blogging and it’s comments including how one can stimulate them to leave comments and feedback. This time, I am going to continue where I left off and talk about why are they actually important.

Personally, this has dawned upon me after I had stopped replying to the comments left by my readers and visitors unless it was a specific question that needed a direct answer. It was simply a period which I lagged and slacked a bit due to some personal commitments which left me not able to actively reply to every single comment as I am used to. As a result, the number of my comments dropped significantly for all my posts.

I had observed that the majority of my regular readers and visitors had ceased to post their comments, feedback and opinions and for those that did, had done so on a very much lower extent. The usual lively and active, interactive discussions of my posts had turned out to be very short indeed.

Due to that, it was a huge disadvantage for me. The very reason is it lowers what is known as my “Social Proof”. At this point you would be scratching your head and asking yourself what is the meaning of “Social Proof”. Well… just read on and you will soon find out.

It is actually a term referring to actions or decisions that are made of Social Proof is based upon other’s actions. In other words, if you were to see a restaurant that is packed, you would be tempted to go try it even if you haven’t yourself and have heard nothing about prior to that. Simply put, it would be like an unspoken “recommendation” or “approval” by others just based on actions.

So how does this translate over to your blog then you may want to know. Simple – first time readers of your blog will leave comments if they see a lot of comments on it. It could also lead to even more traffic for you over the long run. When I had started, I made it an effort to reply to all my comments and with that, my traffic increased and with that, even more feedback. When I stopped, not only did the comments dropped, the number of visitors and readers also followed suit.

I hope you have understood the significance and importance of your readers comments. Don’t ever neglect the comments that are posted cause it can lead to other chain reactions.