Blogging Through Obstacles


As a Blogger one comes up against many, many obstacles when he or she is starting out.  One of the first obstacles is finding a niche and fitting into it.  You have been told over and over about how to find the niche (examples include keyword research, researching trends etc.) But does one just starting out have a generalized blog or a niche blog.

If you are just starting out I would suggest that you test the waters in your blog.  In other words have the topic of your blog or the name of your blog generalized enough to encompass more than one topic.  For instance if you were going to blog about tropical fish, your tittle could be something about tropical fish not about a particular fish that is tropical.  In this way you could see what tropical fish people were wanting to read about and if there was a good readership of one type of tropical fish over another.

This way you could test the waters, so to speak on what readers are looking for.  Then you could give them more of what they want.  Because whether you know it or not you should not use your blog just to try to make money.  Don’t get me wrong here your blog can and will make money, but your number one priority is to the public.  What does the public want to read about?  What is the public researching? Give the public what they want to read and you will gain readers, and with readers the profitability of your blog will increase.

So instead of setting out just to make money off your blog, set out, to find out what readers want.  There are many programs that you can install on your blogsites that will tell you what the people in blogosphere are looking for.  Do some research on analytics for you blogsite, theses programs will tell you how and why a reader got to your site and what happened to get them to leave or stay for a while.  INFORMATION, having it can be the difference between giving the public what they want and you writing about what you want.

In one of the above scenarios your blog will potentially gain more readers.  In the other your blog will set and get stale, from lack of readers.  Which scenario do you as a blogger prefer, to have the public interested in what you are writing about or you to be the one interested in what you are writing about, in this case you may be the only person seeing your blog.

So in conclusion,  do not start a blog just to make money, the money from a blog will come in time with readership.  Start a blog to tell the world what you have to say about this or that.  If you tailor your blog to your readers you will gain readers.  With a few other practices of promoting and the like you are on your way to success.  Many Blessings in your Blogging Endeavors.