Blogging on LinkedIn / Elite6 Business Networking

Blogging on LinkedIn / Elite6 Business Networking

Blogging on LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is no longer just a business networking site; it’s now also a publishing platform. At one time, only influencers could publish on LinkedIn, but in February 2014, the site opened the facility to even more people, with the results that there are thousands of new posts daily.

Of course, participation in this new channel requires yet more content so why not republish your old content, no one is going to know that an article you wrote 3-5 years ago isn’t fresh content specially if you edit it a little!

To me it is all about visitors, and I watch web stats all the time, and republishing content brings in new visitors to your website, this very post will be posted on Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Google+, Blogspot and now Linkedin the reason I do this as each platform has it’s own audience. So now that LinkedIn allows you to post your blogs this is another platform that I’m going to propagate with some old loved content.

Before you publish any blog make sure you have a image that matches your post, I use a site called to to get my images from, they normal cost me a dollar each! I also like to take it to a new level and include/embed a video. Why do this? well I believe people read in different ways some like me hate reading and prefer to watch a video then skim read a look for points of interest. It’s like when you do a search for something and it’s what looks appealing to you the most is what you click on.

Most important to tip that I can share with you today is don’t make blogging a marathon it should be as simple as writing email, should be enjoyable for you to do, not a sales pitch to the readers, be meaningful give it a purpose, make sure it is good reading!

To conclude if you don’t know where to start blogging, I recommend just using LinkedIn simply watch the below video and I’ll show you how to post a blog on LinkedIn.

Elite6 Business Networking –

We are a progressive and forward thinking business networking organisation that brings local businesses together each week for an hour of interactive networking.

At each meeting one member delivers a 15-minute presentation to the meeting. Then, each person speaks for five minutes about their business while sitting at a table of six. Tables are mixed each week, so you get to meet different people. This is a major point of difference with Elite6 compared to other networking groups. Members are encouraged to meet outside the Elite6 meetings for further discussion about how their businesses might collaborate and/or refer to each other.

If you are interested in attending one of our Elite6 meetings you are welcome to just rock on up to any of our Weekly Meetings throughout New Zealand. Or else Register online and then one of our facilitators will contact you.

We do endeavour to have one person in each industry however we do have exceptions to this when a member does not feel there is any conflict.

Weekly Meetings

Elite6 is an exciting organisation that brings non-competing businesses together each week for an hour of networking.

Our Concept

is that we have a maximum of six members per table at our weekly networking meetings where each person has five minutes to promote their business. This is unique to Elite6 and has proven very effective.

Our Mission

is to support small to medium sized businesses to develop and promote their business through our networking programme and online classifieds directory.