Blogging – Not Easy


If you want to learn the reality that there is indeed a dark side to blogging, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss why there are so many millions of unsuccessful and abandoned blogs, the realization of how to build a blog that makes money, and the requirements for maintaining a successful blog.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are literally millions of blogs online already, and thousands of them started by well-meaning people on a daily basis, only to get abandoned within the first month after witnessing the fact that the traffic, visitors and money don’t simply “roll in”.

Yes, unfortunately it’s true. Simply opening a blog and writing a couple of posts is NOT a magic bullet or a green button that will quickly bring you automatic riches. The common thought is that blogging is an easy thing – they are simple to set up, and easy to maintain. Well, perhaps it will be easy at first, but reality will soon dawn that in order to make money, the blog will need to be treated like a business rather than an enjoyable hobby.

Now comes the realization. Building, running and maintaining a successful blog is HARD WORK. It requires daily consistency, maintenance and posting – and here’s the kicker: It takes time to grow and flourish…

Before you get into blogging in order to make income, there are certain requirements your personality should fulfill. You should be willing to work on these traits – otherwise your blog will become yet another dead fish in the Internet ocean. The first thing to think about is your choice of topic. If you’re only just beginning blogging it may be a bad choice to simply chase after a market that will provide rapid buyers and money, because the fact is if you are not interested in the subject, you’ll soon get bored of it and will not want to post everyday.

That brings us to the main point. Do you have the willpower to write to the blog everyday? Of course you’re going to say “yes” especially if it is a subject that you are passionate about. But, you’ll soon find out in the first month, thirty blog posts later that you begin to run out of things to talk about. So the major requirement is the ability to find new material to write about, and never to get bored with the same niche.

So this is something to bear in mind. You need to understand that building and maintaining a successful blog is hard work. You need to be the type of person that does not get bored easily, and is willing to put a certain amount of effort into the blog on a daily basis.