Blogging for Lead Generation Tutorial: Part I (A New Approach)

Blogging for Lead Generation Tutorial: Part I (A New Approach)

The blogging for lead generation puzzle is solved. Don’t miss this blogging for lead generation Webinar—part of a SERIES of 3 tutorials available here

Jeff Molander will get you blogging in a more effective way—so you can get a reliable stream of leads coming into your business… from your blog. It’s what everyone wants. But the people getting those leads know something that you don’t. Join Jeff Molander, author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, for part 1 of a 3 part Webinar course where he’ll show you EXACTLY what that something is in plain English. You’ll be blogging for lead generation in no time flat!

Jeff gives you a practical system that people just like you are using to get leads—AND convert them—using a blog.

The 3 game-changing ideas that Jeff covers in this free blogging for lead generation tutorial are:

#1 Solving customers problems. Learn how to ATTRACT more prospects by writing in a way that guarantee Google will index your article.. AND prospects will be COMPELLED to read it AND take action on it. Now,

#2 Designing to sell. Jeff shows you EXACTLY how to DESIGN everything you publish on your blog to create RESPONSE from your prospect. It’s easy to write articles in ways that get prospects HUNGRY for more of what your blog just shared with them.

#3 Translating customers’ needs: A FAST, easy way to always write the most RELEVANT, USEFUL articles that customers will FIND, CRAVE and RESPOND TO.

A blog gives you the chance to prove your product or service is worth investing in BEFORE customers pay you a dime.

And be sure that’s what you have to do these days. You’ve got to give away just enough of your best stuff so prospects become CONFIDENT in themselves. Forget about building confidence in you. This is where most marketers are missing the boat. If you give prospects tools to make better decisions with.. or tips on ways to reach goals faster.. or ways to avoid risks (through your blog) you will be giving prospects confidence in themselves first. And that’s the key. Because people TRUST the people who give them confidence in themselves.

This is how you earn a buyer’s trust in you. And this is how your product or service becomes the next logical step in a journey you’ve taken prospects on. In this scenario customers will often ask YOU for the sale.

So make sure you sign up for this blogging for lead generation Webinar right now