Blogging for Dummies 2010 – 8 Books in 1

Blogging for Dummies 2010 – 8 Books in 1

Blogging for Dummies 2010 – 8 Books in 1

A complete guide to creating and establishing your place in the blogosphere!

New blogs are being launched at the rate of 175,000 a day. To stand out from the masses, bloggers need the detailed information and advice packed into this all-in-one guide.

Here’s what new bloggers need to get started and what experienced bloggers need to upgrade and even earn money from their blogs. Eight self-contained minibooks cover joining the blogosphere, blogging software, tools that extend your blog, marketing your blog, microblogging, making money from your blog, corporate blogging, and niche blogging.

* Blogging is replacing traditional media and gaining credibility; to succeed, bloggers need a greater understanding of blogging basics, tools, and techniques
* Eight minibooks cover getting started, software, other tools, blog marketing, microblogging (including Twitter), monetizing your blog, and corporate and niche blogging
* Helps new bloggers become active and productive members of the blogging community
* Provides vital information for both hobby bloggers and those who want to build a career around blogging

Presented in the fun and friendly For Dummies style, Blogging All-in-One For Dummies is a complete reference guide to starting and maintaining a successful blog.

From the Back Cover
Prepare to launch into the blogosphere — here’s your ticket!

What do you want to tell the world? Get started today with this guide to creating and solidifying your place in the blogosphere. You’ll discover all the strategies and tools you’ll need to launch a blog and get noticed. From selecting a platform and writing your first post to including ads and using Twitter, you’ll be piloting a blog in no time!
What’s your niche? — follow guidelines to choose a niche and set your blog up for success
Build your business — create a business blog marketing plan and choose business bloggers
Make the right decision — select the best blogging applications and blog hosts to meet your goals
Extend and enhance your blog — from optimizing your content for search engines to creating blog feeds, get up to speed on the available tools
Gain a following — discover the secrets of blogging success as you market your blog and build a community
Show me the money — find out how to earn income by adding blog advertising, publishing sponsored reviews, and selling merchandise
* Enter the world of microblogging — learn how to create your Twitter profile, follow other users, write and publish tweets, and more

Open the book and find:

* Advice on choosing a blog topic
* The rules of the blogosphere
* Tips on selecting the right blogging application
* How to write to attract search engines
* Ways to analyze your blog’s performance
* How to find and edit images to spice up your posts
* Guidance on creating a podcast or vlog
* Secrets of making money from your blog 8 books in 1
* Joining the Blogosphere
* Niche Blogging
* Corporate and Business Blogging
* Choosing a Blogging Application
* Blogging Tools
* Promoting and Growing Your Blog
* Making Money from Your Blog
* Microblogging with Twitter