Blogging Basics: How to Create 2500 Words on Any Topic

Blogging Basics: How to Create 2500 Words on Any Topic

In this video I go over a few ways you can improve your content creation process and tips to write a blog post on any topic.

I use this process to write 5-6 long form blog posts every week.

– Start with an outline
– Record audio of each point on outline (At this point if it’s not looking good then kill the idea)
– Fill in the data (find data & research, quotes, publications & blogs)
– Write & focus on the 3-5 key points of the article
– Save the editing for the end.
– Hire an editor on Upwork
– Use tools to streamline the process:
Imgur & Instagram for images

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Sujan contributes weekly columns for Inc, Forbes and Entrepreneur. He is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like SaaS North, Startcon, and Growth Marketing Conference.

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