Blair Rewards And JP Morgan, No Complaints With This Blair Reward Program For Tony


Thanks to modern technology, news, especially political news, travels fast and it travels very far. There are very few people who have never heard remarks about or read editorials that openly discuss the many rewards that Tony Blair has been reputed as giving out without recourse. Blair rewards complaints have covered everything from him assigning particular posts to undeserving individuals to him inviting other world leaders to Britain for visits. While Tony has done little to defend his decisions he has continued to move forward with his political efforts as well as what some would call, his personal reward efforts. A case in point, Blair rewards and JP Morgan, no complaints with this Blair reward program for Tony.

In January 2008 we learned that Tony Blair had become a part-time adviser to the international financial services and investment banking group, JP Morgan. While the position was not surprising, the salary was. The Blair rewards would total approximately £2.5 million per year.

One reason that eyebrows were raised at this announcement is that JP Morgan is a banking group that profited greatly from the Iraq war – which both Blair and Bush led. This banking group was chosen to run the Trade Bank of Iraq, which just happens to have raised billions in ‘trade guarantees’ through the mortgaging of future oil production. Obviously, this is a profitable venture for all who were involved.

But the Blair easy saver to financial bliss does not stop there. It was also disclosed that Blair would be promoting JP Morgan’s commercial interest in the Middle East as well as worldwide. What struck a chord of contention with many was the fact that Blair would also be playing a public role in his position as a ‘peace’ representative in the Middle East on behalf of the US, Russia, the UN and the EU. Although this in itself would seem like a conflict of interest, the brunt of the Blair rewards scam so to speak, did not end there.

It has been estimated that Blair received £5 million in advance on his personal memoirs and he receives an additional estimated £1.2 million giving lectures, £210,000 annually in pension, over £2 million from JP Morgan and a possible £2 million or more from other posts, which means that he will receive over £10 million a year. Clearly, this is one Blair rewards program that we would all like a part of.

This is especially true in such troubling times. The economic situation that the world is facing seems to worsen as the world’s political leaders creatively find ways of increasing their personal income and putting something away for their futures while many people are losing their retirement accounts and homes. It’s no wonder that many people find irony in such situations, chiefly because we blame our political leaders for our mounting debt, looming poverty and increases in the cost of living we all must struggle through.