Black skin, German passport | DW Documentary

Black skin, German passport | DW Documentary

The people portrayed in this documentary are Germans who originally come from Africa. How do they tackle integration and deal with prejudice?

Ewane from Cameroon lives in the Lüneburg Heath and wants to become a police officer. Esi, a confectioner from Ghana, is at home in Swabia, while Emiliano, a male nurse, grows vegetables on an allotment in Dresden. These are people of African origin who have a German passport and treasure “German” values and local culture and are committed to promoting peaceful co-existence with humor and self-confidence. Thus, all three can be seen as positive examples of integration. But in no way can they be said to lead lives free of conflict. The discussion on the “refugee crisis” and the “fear of foreign infiltration” also challenges them to focus on current issues. How are black German citizens who support politics, culture, and the opportunities which the country offers, experiencing social change? What do they expect from other migrants? “I am proud to be a German,” Ewane says. “I am proud of this country”. Ewane was born in Cameroon. His mother died in childbirth and he was adopted by a German doctor. As a child, he was greatly influenced by his adoptive father’s values: candor, positive thinking, and the desire to do something meaningful. Nevertheless, Ewane had a difficult childhood. After his adoptive father died, he lived for a while with his aunt in a deprived quarter of Hamburg where violence and harassment were daily occurrences. Ewane sought refuge in music and became a rapper. His message is a call for optimism and a tolerant, positive society.

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