Birthing Inspirational Devotions

.tags Learning to take time and sit quietly at the feet of the Lord has been quite a challenge for me, as it is for most Christians. The rewards, however, have been great, and keep me endeavoring to grow in this discipline.

The Inspirational Devotions found on my web site ( are the fruit of quiet time spent communing with the Lover of My Soul, Jesus.

My true hearts desire is to see all of God’s people find peace through relationship with Him. Today, our lives are unbelievably hectic. We, more than any other generation have so may activities and pleasurable pursuits to choose from.

However, anyone who has gained the maturity that comes with experience and age will tell you that though these things are a pleasurable diversion for a season, there is no life in them, and in the course of time will be revealed as a vanity leaving us empty rather than fulfilled.

Don’t get me wrong…God has nothing against having fun, the problem is with priorities; When God is at the bottom instead of the top. Placing anything or anyone before our relationship–pursuing God–will cause emptiness and vanity to be our portion in the end.

Our time on this earth, from God’s perspective, is that we grow and mature into the man or woman that God created us to be. This can only be accomplished through relationship with Him.

He brings into our lives the circumstances, trials and other things needed for our growth. When our priorities are right, this combination will result being able to overcome every challenge, and even our failures He will turn to victory.

If, however, the relationship part is missing, our lives become chaotic, and filled with turmoil and deception. Since we have no strength in ourselves to overcome, we find ourselves giving into temptation at every turn, and bring much suffering upon ourselves through wrong choices.

Most of my devotions deal with Intimacy, I find. This is the message that God has given me for our generation–Return to Him with all of our hearts and we will find that love, life, peace and unspeakable joy that we all search desperately to obtain.

The following is a lovely inspirational devotion inviting God’s people to experience the depths of His love.

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Deep calls unto Deep…

Dive into the depths of My Spirit to encounter My love–

Unconditional love.

Come aside and wait…

When all the earth is silent before Me,

You will sense great waves of love washing over you.

Yield! Let them carry you where they will.

Dive deep for this is the River of Life.

As you experience the perfection,

And passion of My heart toward you,

All the injustice, imperfections and wounds

Will be anointed for healing in the currents of my love.

You will begin to understand

That I Am the true desire of your heart-

O how you have tried to satisfy that longing

By acquiring soulish associations,

And temporal things;

But this love is something only I can give

O the richness of My passion for you!

Love does not waver

Or bend in the wind.

Mine a love never fails

Are you not accepted in the beloved,

And highly favored in My site!

A rare gem that I treasure.

There is much head knowledge,

But little that is experiential,

Therefore My people retain their wounds,

And imperfections.

My love is an anchor for your soul-

It must be experienced for there to be revelation.

That will result in healing, restoration and wholeness.

Cultivate intimacy!

Seek My Presence!

Dive deeper and deeper

For the depths of My love cannot be exhausted.