Bingo Lingo

{flickr|100|campaign} Everyone loves Bingo, and even if you’ve forgotten you love it, you’ll probably love Bingo again the minute you play it!

What’s to love? It’s a pastime that has something for everyone but for most people (lovers or haters) the most amusing aspect is the slang terminology used or “Bingo Lingo” as it’s known.

For those not familiar with it, Bingo Lingo is the nickname given to the numbers that the Bingo caller uses as a more crowd pleasing alternative to just calling out numbers.

Bingo Lingo is typically based on the image or shape of the number, for example; Instead of shouting “Number 8” you’d shout “One Fat Lady” due to the fact its shape looks like a fat lady. Admittedly some of the nicknames do require some imagination but it’s all part of the fun!

While it may appear like the caller is making it up the there is a certain logic and pattern to it.

The Bingo Lingo for multiples of eleven are as follows, these are usually preceded by “All the” followed by the number, followed by:
11. Legs eleven. ‘Kelly’s legs’ can be used if number one has already been called.
22. Two little ducks/dinky doo.
33. All the feathers /two little fleas/all the trees or Sherwood Forest.
44. Droopy drawers.
55. Snakes alive.
66. Clickety-click.
77. Sunset strip.
88. Two fat ladies.

The nicknames for numbers ending in zero are known as “blind” numbers and are called as follows:

10. Tony’s Den/Cock and Hen.
20. One score/Getting plenty.
30. Dirty Gertie/Flirty thirty/Burlington Bertie.
40. Two score.
50. Bullseye/Half a century/five-oh, five-oh, it’s off to work we go.
60. Three score/five dozen.
70. Three score and ten.
80. Gandhi’s breakfast.
90. Top of the shop/As far as we go.

While most of the lingo is self-explanatory, there are some rather odd entries that take more imagination than others. Personal favourites include “Crutch and flea = 73” “Torquay in Devon = 87” “Brighton Line = 59” all of which are genuine calls!

There isn’t as much lingo for the higher numbers, which is where you’ll see the improvisational skills of the caller come into play, and its considered perfectly acceptable to make up slang, the main criteria being that as long as it entertains the crowd you can do it!