Binatone, Garmin And Tom Tom Sat Nav Comparison

.tags This article will look at two types of sat nav, Binatone and Garmin. Binatone satellite navigation models feature varying screen sizes from 3.5 inches to 5 inches. So what kind of features do Binatone sat navs have under there belt. For ease of use many have widescreen displays and ant-reflective surface so that it can be used in many conditions. You will find that they also feature a touch screen display and audio directions.

Not only will a GPS help you reach your desired destination but they also feature a selection of pre-installed destinations. Many of these destinations are a necessity to drivers such as petrol stations. This is very handy if you’re in a new location, low on petrol and haven’t a clue as to where the nearest petrol station is. Other pre-installed destinations can be hotels or just a place to eat. The location of speed cameras can also be included on a Binatone satellite navigation. Maps can be viewed in either 3D or 2D depending on your preference.

The latest Binatone models feature blue-tooth function so that you can make and receive calls hands-free. This makes for a very useful all in one system.

Garmin satellite navigation models come in three price categories. The cheaper models in the range have small screens of around 3.5 inches and have basic features. They have the usual touch screen display and only a basic map layout. The more expensive Garmin models have larger screens (up to 5 inches) and even voice activated controls for ease of use. Many feature removable batteries and can be purchased at

If you want to avoid heavy traffic then it might be worth while buying a satellite navigation that features smart traffic avoidance. Another feature of the average Garmin sat nav is a route planner. This little feature can be a real time saver on long journeys. The inclusion of shaded contours means for a better assessment of the terrain ahead of you.

There are various types of Binatone sat nav designed for motorcycles (which feature a touch screen designed for gloves, lane assist, photo navigation, well lit screens, FM traffic alerts etc) and the hand held market.

Thankfully the Binatone range of sat navs are easy to use with many innovative features such as the ‘where am I’ facility. If you’re lost then this feature will provide such information as the nearest address, police station or hospital.

Tom Tom Sat Navs are the most famous of them all, unfortunately they can be a bit hit and miss. They have some great successes such as the Tom Tom One or the Tom Tom XL, but other products have been less successful. They provide a good range of GPS devices that are suitable for all segments of the market.