Big Style Adventure – Fold Wear Addition And Subtraction


With the same sheet match with different style fashion dress, we need is fold wear mix building theory. Add one is mature, minus one is sexy, change one is casual. In 2010 autumn American brand Theory invited 14 Fashion insider to regress Theory to find their favorite clothes. At the same time with mix build, fold wear, showing a concise American style. Although no opportunity to see fashion gurus deduce fold wear magic, Theory sheet has become the power of my practice of style fold wear addition and subtraction.

Theory naked color dress
Naked color, chiffon, even in winter these two elements both let me uneasily abandon. So simple but elegant of the basement is the most creative space collocation canvas. Tie-in black shrug suit jacket is professional female elegant model, had better be to a camel’s hair bag or high-heeled shoes to echo, because of camel’s hair and naked color that be the same as color different is tonal, can easily create fold wear oak.

After work, plus furry vest is already can withstand wind again can reflect her wet person taste, of course, would like to wear some flash bright exaggerated jewelry, of course, is to flash with gold, a warm costly feeling the consequent. If it is pure leisure walking, naked color dress also have leisure loving personality, will change lacy made of camel’s hair cloth shoes LACES, let elegant very closely associated with each other.

Theory black Korean fashion one-piece dress
In fall and winter, black optimal collocation is aureate, yellow etc. Warm color. Beige coat over the black dress guys will have seed successful women style but no years vicissitudes of life. Or directly fasten a strip with silk luster of maple leaf color scarf can harvest Audrey Hepburn of elegant demeanor.

Theory dark gray suit coat
Dark gray suit jacket is almost street pats da, stars the necessary magic weapon. Whether jeans, tight pants, leather pants even dress and skirt can have different flavor. Suits would have style limits in the mature range, so, take the effort will style balance to ease a balance is the most important. Leisure, exaggerated pattern of t-shirts, vests is suit jacket the best partner. Cold, literally set will broad-brush sweater again cover suit jacket and can easily cope with various occasions.

Theory straight canister pants
In Theory fall winter series straight canister pants hold the main position of Lower Clothing. Don’t think that it is only OL uniforms. Below elegant style static color coat you can wear a sexy chic chiffon shirt or vest to contrast with straight canister pants. At the same time through jewelry ornament, a luxurious handbag, you can directly joined in the party from OFFICE, become socialite.

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