Big Brother Set to Return – Will it Be the Same?


Big Brother 10 is set to hit our screens in June 2009, the show which fist started in 2000 with winner Craig Phillips has survived nearly a decade. The show has had enormous publicity around it every year, but then every year people seem to loose interest in it.

I mean nothing is really different anymore the show basically consists of people living in a house and then get given tasks, each week a new person gets evicted. The problem is that there is not really any talent by these people; most of them are just ordinary people who have been thrown into the limelight for no apparent reason.

Out of all the big brother winners there is currently not one of them that still has their fame. I personally believe that the public are getting somewhat bored of shows such as this. We have all seen the rise in popularity of shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and I believe this is the way that reality TV is heading. People actually want to see good entertainment on TV, something that they have never seen before, and these talented people deserve the limelight, money and fame, simply because they worked hard for it. I mean look at the likes of talent show winners such as Paul Potts and Leona Lewis, they have gone on to have global domination, now when can you say that about an act from Big Brother.

I believe people are growing out of programs such as Big Brother, as mentioned above reality programs such as the Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing and so much have become ever so popular because the people practice day and night for what they are going to do.

The thing about big brother is just people are literally stuck in the house, what is more depressing then watching a bunch of people bicker and argue about stupid things. If a show is not going to offer talent then it must offer something else and a great example of this is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, that program pulls in the viewers simply because of the fact that you see celebrities face their fears such as jumping out of an aeroplane or eating creatures and even getting buried with them.

People are stuck in their homes everyday, and I believe that is the downfall of Big Brother and if they want to last they must do something different and innovative.