Big Brother is Watching You


With the police regularly being criticised for turning our country into a big brother state more and more, it comes with little surprise about the new idea to get other road users to report terrible drivers.

The police have asked drivers to report inconsiderate driving, or anyone that is making excessive noise with their vehicles. Detailed reports can be submitted by members of the public, and the information will then be entered into a police database to store information on the car owners. The details can also be cross matched with the police database and the DVLA to complete a more in depth profile of the driver.

Anyone who is reported twice in a twelve month period faces police action, despite there never being any proof that these acts have been committed.

Sussex police force has already put this into practice and received over twenty thousand reports already. A further one thousand drivers have had ‘sanctions imposed on them’ for example if they are fond to be driving without tax. The reports are filed online, without the driver knowing who has made the accusation about them.

Sussex Police said that, as a result of Operation Crackdown,  ‘1,047 drivers have had sanctions imposed on them including 28 for driving whilst under the influence, 175 vehicles have been seized for being driven without insurance, 376 have been reported to the DVLA for document offences and local councils have seized 64 vehicles for not having current road fund licence.’

the idea that we should all be able to report people, in an informant like nature, is laughable and surely goes against the innocent until proven guilty theory. People should only be punished by the police if they are caught by the police, otherwise this practise is open to malice from people who have fallen out, or narky neighbours.

Make sure that you have a valid Car Insurance policy and road tax to avoid prosecution.