Bhopal – The Heart Of India


The city of Bhopal is located in the center of India. It is well known mainly for the beauty it inherits, easily found in Malwa Plateau and situated in Madhya Pradesh. This place offers a charming aura, which always impresses visitors. Travelers coming here always want to go back.


Bhopal originally was called Bhojpal. This name was derived from the name of the creator of the lakes that surround the place, Raja Bhoj. This man built dams and pals that resulted to lakes later on. The name had been changed to Bhopal as time passed.


The city was considered the city of lakes because of what Raja Bhoj has done to improve it. The city itself is at the northern bank of one large bank. The only thing that separates it from the lower lake is a bridge.


There are no great monuments that can be found in the city, but it has unique character to offer its tourist. You can see a mixture of cultures in this place. The cultures here are Hindu and Islamic but they mix happily without any arguments. There are balances between the Indian influence of the North and the South India.


The city offers a different kind of experience. It houses a high quality amphitheater. The landscapes are one of the best you will ever see, worth taking a picture for souvenir. It is all green and fresh. It offers calmness of the heart, mind and soul. The view around the city is like a mountain surrounded by half-broken plains and forests. The Idgah Hills and the Shamla hills surround the city. These hills offer the best of Bhopal views. The lakes of the city reflect the twilight lights that the city has. This place has a very beholding sight.


The place has both the old and new mixture of personality. The architecture is a lovely combination of Hindu and Islamic styles. There are also old European styles adopted. The Shaukat Mahal can be found in this place. This gives a charming effect to the place. It is a combination of the styles of the Gothic and the post Renaissance. The Bhopal has a combination of all the things that visitors are looking for. They have places for business and leisure. They are capable of changing for the betterment of their place but they still remain the same because they want to preserve the olden touch of their place.


The temperature of Bhopal during summer and spring are so hot. From July to September, monsoons arrive in the place. The winter seasons are best to visit. Tourists crowd the place from October to March.


You can reach the place by rail, bus or air. The only airline that connects Bhopal to other places like Bombay and Delhi is the Indian Airlines. This can give you a nice and enjoyable ride. The rail of India’s Major cities can be easily connected to Bhopal. The one road that connects the whole Bhopal the whole India is the Road Good Motorable Road. Buses can also connect Bhopal to Ujjain, Mandu and other parts.


The Bhopal has so many cities in its surroundings. They offer a nice place for you to enjoy on a vacation. They have cheap prices to offer you. So if you want a nice place to stop by, drop by the Bhopal. Enjoy a fresh surrounding just at your footstep. Breathe the fresh air to relax.