Best Romantic Gift During Courtship

.tags Getting to know with each other is one of the hardest parts we face. With this, you dont have any assurance if the girl likes you too. This is the moment where you will do everything just to make the girl be yours. Talking to her all day long, texting every minute, reminding her of the things she has to do are some of the things you give full effort for her to notice you. Be with her all the time is what you give focus since this is your way of saying I remember you every single minute.

Let me share to you the best gift during period of courtship. Want to know what is it? Like the statement above, you dont need to give your full efforts for the girl you liked because your best gift will always be the gift of yourself. Just be true to yourself. Because in the end, if shell be in love with the personality you showed yet youre not actually that one, the best word for you would be sacrifice. You will sacrifice because you will be the person she used to love and not actually the real you.

Therefore, dont make things that will make impress of her. Instead, do the not-so-good moves for you to know if she can still like you despite of your character. In case youre not doing major bad things, then make some just to test her love for you if she can still accept you or love you because of your good deeds only. This is just your way of proving if she really cares for you in case you did something wrong or maybe youll encounter that if she found not so good things on you, shell go away from you. That hurts but good in a sense you measured how much she needs you. Again, theres no wrong with this. Its one way you can test your girl regardless of your badness moves.