Best Parker Pens In The World

You probably have heard of Parker Pens or you probably even carry one that is because parker have been making quality writing pens for many years and are still one of the best pen manufactures in the world.

They have many different pens available and one of the best selling parker pens of all time is the jotter pen, what’s great about the parker pen is they feature classic designs and are made with stainless steel. You know you get quality when you choose a parker pen. The parker jotter pen also comes in different colours such as red, white, blue and also black.

Not only is the parker jotter is absolutely one of the best pens on the market, but the price is so affordable that everyone can afford them. These jotter pens sell for around $ 5.69. Who else can say bargain?

These will also make for excellent stocking fillers and will probably be much nicer for them to open than boring soaps, socks, you normally get. Which one would you prefer? I know I would love the socks. Ha Ha just kidding.

So if your not really interested in the Parker Pen Jotter and have the money then you can get some really high quality parker pens, a great pen for any pen collector would have to get the Parker Esparto Gold Fountain Pen which is available to buy at $ 13,000.

Another great parker pen is the Limited Edition Duofold Mackie Fountain Pen which sells for $ 2,174.99 but this pen features hand painted precious metal dust and as a twist off cap. There only made 150 of these pens, so get yours today and I’m sure you will be the only one with this stunning pen at your workplace.

Promotional Parker Pens

Because everyone knows and loves parker pens, this makes them great for giving away with your company logo on them, and because of the name people will come to love and visit your company as they remembered you from looking at their pen, they will know that you’re not a cheapskate as you gave away a parker pen. How cool! Camilla becomes Britain’s most hated woman – Explosive bio lifts the lid on her affair with Charles