Best 5 Fishing Places On North Stradbroke Island

{flickr|100|campaign} North Stradbroke Island is well known for it’s abundant and versatile fishing. It boasts many areas for fishing for those who don’t own or have access to a boat. With options such as angling off the rocky outcrops or throwing a line from the shore line, you can pack your line and a bucket come home with supper. With a huge array of fish local to the area and many destinations this is a top spot for a fishing holiday.

North Stradbroke Island, or Straddie as the locals say, is famous for the super sized fish caught in the annual Straddie Classic Fishing Competition. 40kg Spanish Mackeral and 12kg Snapper are on record as some of the bigger hauls of the competition.

If you’re thinking of heading to Straddie for a fishing holiday, try these top five fishing destinations:

Moreton Bay is a great spot for calmer waters and those with a boat. Bream, whiting, flathead and tailor are all swimming around this area. Moreton Bay also hosts a variety of reef species such as snapper, jew and parrot fish who love to hang around in the calm waters of the bay.
South Passage Bar offers some of the best off shore fishing in the southeast Queensland area. The offshore reefs near Point Lookout have plenty of snapper, pearl perch, traglin jew, sweetlip and parrot fish. If you prefer angling, then make your way to the rocky outcrops between Flat Rock and Point Lookout where you will find mackerel, wahoo and tuna. If you’re into sports fishing, then you will also find some great catches in the deeper, offshore waters in this area where you’ll snare some marlin, yellowfin tuna and sailfish.
Dunwich allows access to a variety of fishing experiences. You can get into the calmer waters of the bay through this area where whiting is available all year round. You can also try some reef fishing around Goat, Bird and Peel islands where you can catch squire, sweetlip or parrot. In the deeper waters of the Rainbow Chanel you can find mackerel or tuna, whiting and flathead and plenty of yabbies for the taking.
Dunwich is also great for night fishing where bream and larger whiting can be caught and on calm nights squid is easily found.

Jumpinpin is famous for the bream that flock there in the cooler months and for the flathead in the warmer months. You will also find tailor, tarwhine, whiting and jew in this area.
Amity Point is to the north and stretches from inside the bay and continues all the way round to Flinders Beach. In Amity you will find mackerel, tuna, tailor, spotty, bonito and plenty of other reef species inside the bar and out. If you keep wandering about the rocks area near Point Look Out you will be in the right zone for snapper, sweetlip, wahoo, marlin and sailfish.
So whether you have a boat and some mates or you just prefer to wander the shoreline and rocky ledges alone, Stradbroke Island has some of the country’s best fishing destinations on offer.