Benefits of Moving to Nevada


The idea of moving to Nevada can be immediately appealing to some. Others, however, are not quite sure that moving to Nevada will meet their needs, which is rather unfortunate since Nevada can offer a tremendous amount of benefits to both individuals and businesses. Here, we will examine some of the great features that our State offers aside from the popular gaming resorts and entertainment facilities!

Income & Opportunity

Although moving to Nevada (for most) is not about striking it rich in our casinos, cattle ranches or mines, our median income is nearly 10% higher than the National average. This also means that the number of folks living below poverty is also lower (almost 1/3 lower) than the national average.

Outside of Vegas and Reno, cattle ranging and mining are abundant. In fact, Nevada’s gold mines contribute 8.7% of the world’s total gold production.

If moving to Nevada to find a job in ranching or mining doesn’t suit you, consider that Nevada provides entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunity as well. With no corporate tax and the ability to designate nominee directors, many start-up companies will be born in Nevada and expand elsewhere.


As the seventh largest State, Nevada consists of a great amount of desert. Although moving to Nevada to experience the desert might seem popular, the reality is that the climate is among the most pleasant in the entire country.

Many people who have decided on moving to Nevada will enjoy the high temperatures. The highs can reach 115F in the summer and the average winter lows are 57-69F. At night, the temperatures drop considerably, allowing for a good night’s sleep.

Shopping & Taxes

Believe it or not, but Nevada enjoy a tremendous amount of income generated through retail sales. Although much of these sales are generated in the touristic regions (Reno, Vegas, Elko, etc.) there are plenty of retail shopping alternatives elsewhere in the State.

One of the biggest personal benefits to moving to Nevada is that there are no personal taxes. This allows wage earners to keep more of what they make (and spend it!).

For people interested in moving to Nevada, understand all of the facts and benefits. As one of the largest states geographically and the thirty-fifth largest by population, the State really does offer ample opportunity.