Bellamora Scam ? Is Bellamora Legit Or Is It A Scam?


Bellamora is a brand new network marketing opportunity in the cosmetics industry, and many people think it is going to be a very big deal. But is it right to think Bellamora is a great opportunity, or is it all just another MLM scam?

Is Bellamora A Scam?

First, let’s make our position clear right from the start. Bellamora is NOT a scam, but the vast majority of people who become Bellamora reps will still fail in their business. So if the company is legit, why do so many people fail? To answer this we need to look deeper into the company and the opportunity.

Bellamora was founded by Dr. Bruce Miller when he discovered a skin cream that he believed to have revolutionary properties. He decided that the best way to allow others to see the products and experience its benefits was through direct-selling.

What Is Wrong With Bellamora?

Many people believe that direct-selling is the best way to sell products like cosmetics because you can hold sales parties, demonstrate the products, answer questions, hand out business cards and CDs, meet people face-to-face, and make sales at the end of the night.

In some respects this is true, and it is definitely possible to have a small amount of success if you do things this way, but you are very unlikely to make any serious money. There are two reasons for this. First, it is a very expensive way of doing business. You will have to give up a lot of your time, drive all across the state at your own expense, give away free samples, spend money on CDs, DVDs, business cards, flyers etc. Most reps end up spending so much money trying to market their opportunity that even if they make some sales and add people into their business, they still end up losing money. Second, even if you can make a profit, the reality is that most people simply do not know enough other people to make this sustainable in the long run. Sooner or later you will run out of family and friends to sell to.

This is why most people fail with Bellamora. It is not because the company is a scam or the products are a rip-off, it is just because they use the wrong marketing techniques.

Bellamora – The Good News

If you want to be successful with Bellamora you need to know how to market your products better. There are simple techniques that anyone can learn that allow you to generate hundreds of free leads every single week. Not only this, but these people will be contacting YOU, asking you about Bellamora, and desperate to invest in you and your business.

These techniques are known as “target marketing”, and could revolutionize your Bellamora business. Bellamora is a good opportunity, provided you know how best to take advantage of it.

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