Beginner Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Best Way to Make Money Out of the Gate


An interesting question was posed recently, one where I recognized my own answer in many of the answers given by others. The question was:

If you had to start your internet marketing business over what would you do differently?

My answer is similar to many who have been asked this same questions, but I  thought I’d take a minute and answer it here today.

The one thing I would do differently is I would have started with something I already enjoyed and knew a lot about instead of setting up a blog about how to make money online.  I could have done stuff on gardening, mental health, living in the country, tons of things, but I didn’t know those were really options.

The only real option that I saw was the “make money” niche.  When you first start learning to make money online, it’s not really clear that you can make money talking about ANYTHING!! it doesn’t have to be making money online.

The benefit of choosing a topic outside the  internet marketing area is that you have a lot less competition.  Not only are there not as many people talking about your topic, but the people that ARE talking about it probably haven’t spent millions of dollars learning how to market online. 

So if you keep learning about how to market your website, and your website it outside the internet marketing niche you will have an advantage over many others in your niche. This advantage will allow you to dominate the search engines, drives lots of traffic, become an authority, and make lots of money in that niche

The first couple years I had my first internet marketing blog up I made absolutely no money on it. Really. It’s not that surprising. Here I was someone who knew next to nothing about internet marketing trying to teach other people how to do it. When I think back on it, it’s really kind of silly.  Now of course, I make money from my blog, but I could have experienced much more monetary success if I had chosen something I already knew a lot about and had marketed that instead.