Bees And Billing Go Together


Anyone who is working for themselves will often have some difficulty trying to keep their paperwork in order. Indeed, even making sure that they have branded and numbered invoices etc can turn out to be rather expensive if they have to go the old- fashioned route. However, there are third-party companies which offer online invoicing and online billing these days and they do not charge very much either.

What they do is to offer all of the paperwork on site so that the individual can keep track of any bills or demand letters that they have sent out. In this electronic age, this is much faster than putting paper in envelopes and sending it off by mail.

But if there are numerous clients to keep track of then it can get a little confusing. Indeed, many who work this way will tell of days working through paperwork when they should have been producing work which will bring in an income. Of course, not everyone will feel this way but for those who want to give it a try, there are companies on the web who provide the service.

Some companies are so confident of their product that they will actually offer a thirty-day free trial. They only ask that the client list remains at three or below and in this way they can really get someone hooked. Indeed, if the client list stays permanently at three or below then the customer will never be charged anyway. What a great offer for those who do not have many clients!

Those who increase their clients list to above three are only charged nominal amounts per month too so it makes good sense to give this method a whirl. Looking on the web is probably the fastest way to see what is available and this certainly saves on time too.

There are some companies which offer this kind of service which also proclaims to be helping the environment too. They do this by donating some of their profits to some wild life fund or other. The one that stands out and which most people would not even think about is the one that supports bees.

Bees are on the decline in the US and because of this crops could be on the decline too. It is hard to believe but the bee population has decreased by about seventy per cent over the last few years. Since we rely on bees to propagate the crops, having them go into decline will certainly mean fewer crops that we can grow.

Of course, pesticides etc are being blamed in the main, but there is also the onset of the mobile phone technology which may be to blame too. By erecting communication masts all over the place, the bee population declined at just the same time so there must be a correlation here somewhere. Therefore, encouraging those outfits which are doing the research must be a good thing to do so look for this kind of incentive when choosing any kind of company on the web.