Beautiful Rivers of Spain


Apart from the mountains, the parks and the beautiful beaches and landscapes, Spain has a variety of rivers that are interestingly beautiful. The rivers complete the beautiful natural landscapes of this second largest tourist destination. The river banks act as very good spots for picnicking, soul searching or just for experiencing peace and quiet for nature lovers.

River Tajo

This is the longest river in Spain and begins its course in Madrid’s eastern mountains. This beautiful and important river is also referred to as Tagus and it cuts across Toledo, central Spain, up to the border of Portugal and Spain. From here, it continues its course to Portugal and into the Atlantic Ocean. Tajo River is very important, as its water is the main power source of Spain. Reservoirs and dams have been built for hydroelectricity production. This attracts people who want to see the generation of power.

The beauty of the river is the deep gorges it has and the various beautiful waterfalls that it creates on its course. It stretches 625 miles with Jarama and Alagon as its tributaries.

River Ebro

Marking 565 miles in length, this river is considered to be Spain’s most voluminous. Its course starts in Fontibre, flowing through Logrono, Miranda de Ebro, Zaragoza and Catalonia. It drains at Tarragona into the Mediterranean Sea. The significance of the river is the fact that it was the Northern Roman and Southern Carthaginian division point, which holds an important historic period.

Cultivation of rice, vegetables and citrus is done on the river’s wetland area, in Tarragona, where Ebro Delta is found. This land is exquisite and beautiful.

River Guadiana

This river forms part of Spain Portugal border, as it flows through Spain’s south central area and Portugal’s south eastern area. The river’s course begins from Cuenca province mountains, through Damiel marshy areas, then cuts westward through Toledo Mountains gorges. Hydroelectric power is also generated from this river, although not much.

These are some of the most beautiful and significant rivers in Spain that are worth checking out. They form very beautiful and attractive landscapes, some of which are breathtaking. Bridges found on some of these rivers are good spots for taking beautiful pictures that will forever hold the beautiful memories of Spain.

It is always a good thing to explore as much as possible, when touring in any part of the world, unlike reserving oneself to the major areas of attraction alone.