Beautiful Monuments In Spain

Every city in the world has monuments which it holds dear. Some of these monuments hold great value and attract tourists who want to familiarize themselves with such values. Relaxation and knowledge are a good combination for people who travel to the worlds most beautiful places or are out to explore the earth.Spain, just like any other tourist destination country has monuments that are a must-see. There are several monuments that are breathtaking and hold great value symbolizing different things in the country.

Plaza Mayor

Located in the heart of Salamanca city, it is a stunning site to behold. It is constructed in a Baroque architect style and was built in the seventies. The beautiful square holds the towns city hall and also holds several coffee houses, restaurants and shops as well as the famous bullfighting grounds called the Arch of the Bull.Historical kings of Spain are represented on the Plazas pillar medallions as well as spandrels that are magnificent. Stones made of granite, and colorful Villa mayor stones give a beautiful shade and light effect to the square. You will experience the friendliness of Spaniards here as you drink your cup of coffee.

New Cathedral

As the name suggests, this is the new Salamanca Cathedral meaning there is an old one too. This Cathedral was built in the 15th century, since a splendorous and bigger Cathedral was needed for Salamanca. It has different architectural styles since it took a long time to build, and changes had to be incorporated with the passing of time. Wood carvings, decorative medallions, and gothic style designs are what make up the cathedral. There is a Golden Chapel inside, containing carvings of the Romanesque period, and other great sections that are definitely a beautiful sight.

Old Cathedral

This took much more than a century to complete, hence the elements of Gothic and Romanesque features on it. It contains a tower that is one of Salamancas classic landmarks. The paintings found inside narrate the lives of Mary and Jesus, and this feature is found in most Catholic Churches even today. There is also an outstanding patron saint of the city called the Virgin of the Vega. You can only access the Old Cathedral through the New Cathedral. These monuments and several others are worth checking out on your trip or vacation in Spain. Exploring everything Spain has to offer in terms of history and nature will take you more than a short vacation, and therefore you should plan well beforehand for all the places you want to visit