Beautiful La Palma, Spain

.tags This island, also referred to as the Green Island due to its countryside exuberance, is one of the Canary Islands on Spains Atlantic Ocean coast. Islands in Spain are major tourist attractions because of their warm and relaxing nature. They break the monotony of monuments and museums, which are very numerous in the country.

This island has a national park that is home to the highest mountain in the area. The park is mainly dedicated to the volcanoes and the various species of plant. UNESCO declared this island as a Biosphere Reserve because of its magnificent countryside.

If you have been to Spain and have not been to these beautiful islands, you have missed out a lot. The islands offer fine cuisines, beach sports, and an overall relaxing environment and climate. Most of the island is of volcanic origin with some having small active volcanoes.

La Palma Island has an amazing town called Santa Cruz, which consists of interesting inclining alleys, and it is very lively. The town has important monuments, such as the Iglesia Del Salvador church and the town hall, which dates back to the 16th century. Here you will also find a natural science museum, which is very interesting.

Things to see in La Palma

When visiting this beautiful Spanish island, you can visit the sandy beaches and small bays, which are very attractive and beautiful. Visiting the prehistoric cave full of engravings in Mazo can be exciting and from here you will have a view of the coastal area.

Volcanic craters and vineyards that are full of contrast can be quite a pleasure to see, along with the fishing villages, banana plantations, and the ports found here. Adventurous woods are also available for those who love exploring natural grounds.

Spain as a whole has a lot to be explored and redefined; this is becoming evident by the influx of foreigners who are out to tour the country for pleasure, business, or education. This is one country that you cant exhaust in one vacation and, therefore, you may find yourself coming back over and over or even making it your home. There are tourists who never go back to their homelands after visiting the country.

Take time to have a feel of everything Spain has to offer: the monuments, beaches, islands, museums, and national parks just to mention a few. Time will be your only hindrance because hot spots are in plenty.