Beating the Brand ? Carry Your Reusable Bags without the Corporate Advertisement


The rush to create greener, more eco-friendly products is on, and scores of companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprints and offer customers more environmentally sound products and services. Unfortunately, however, many of the unpleasant aspects of traditional business operation and marketing have continued to remain popular, and one of the most prominent is the heavy use of branding. While the occasional logo, slogan, or other trademark is tolerated by most consumers, some companies insist on making their brand names the focal point of any given product, an approach that can make corporate culture feel like an invasion of personal space. Reusable bags, which represent a significant portion of current efforts to reduce waste and support greener living habits, are often used and promoted by companies who want to portray a more eco-friendly image. But when customers have no choice but to display obvious and often unattractive branding every time they shop, they may be more reluctant to adopt this waste-saving shopping policy.

That’s why Ecozuri ( offers a standard bag collection that’s free from large logos or other corporate elements. The bags, created from 100% recycled polyester gathered and processed in the United States, are as visually savvy as they are good for the environment, and it’s easy to coordinate a few colors with a given outfit or mood to make sensible shopping more enjoyable. While green-minded companies are invited to take advantage of Ecozuri’s material production and other services to create personalized items for promotions and marketing, a number of shoppers choose to purchase plain bags to embellish their own with special artwork or creative craft accessories.

Moving the reusable bag concept from one that’s plagued with boring ads on cheap and sometimes ineffective materials to one that embraces wholly recycled fibers and free ideas on branding and personalization, Ecozuri achieves a finished product that makes green habits easier to start and more enjoyable to maintain. Whether keeping the bags plain, displaying a favorite piece of artwork or a quote, or using the bags for a creative marketing campaign that goes beyond the basics of traditional brand-stamping, Ecozuri users can feel both free and fashionable, all while helping to support a worthy cause for the children of East Africa and for the earth itself.