Be Better at Facebook Marketing Using the New Features


Here’s a fact: If you are an internet marketer and you are not into Facebook marketing yet, I should tell you to right away get out of that cave where you’ve been hibernating. You are definitely missing a lot in terms of popularizing your online business and driving traffic to your site. There are millions of people around the world who visit Facebook on a daily basis. This social media site has been enjoying enormous traffic and influx of millions of new members each month. Looking at this at the vantage point of an internet marketer, Facebook marketing can indeed boost the popularity of your online business.

With the recent new design of Facebook, it made social networking more precise and easier. Personally, I believe this change has put Facebook marketing to a new level. You can have filters that will allow you to receive real time news feeds. Furthermore, the new design will allow you to separate your friends in accordance to their location or niche or affiliation. For those doing Facebook marketing, this is really a good feature because it will help in monitoring the extent of the network that you have built. If you have grouped and identified the list of prospective clients who are in your network already, you can devise a plan that will intensify your communication with them.

This will also make you see the part of your target that you have not tapped yet. In knowing such, you can then come up with ways and techniques on how you should approach these people and make friends with them. Just one important reminder though, choose these individuals carefully and don’t spam them. You can perhaps write a quick note and say why you want to be friends with them. This is will give a more personal touch to your Facebook marketing approach. If you are using the same account to get in touch with both your families and prospective customers, you can now segregate people according to your affiliations with them.

Isn’t this more convenient especially for someone doing Facebook marketing? You can also build your own social media community in this popular site. Your community must be related to the niche you are in so that you can attract more targeted members to your group. However, you have to keep in mind that you are not organizing this group just for the sake of selling or promoting your business. Instead, this kind of group is being organized so that members will learn more from one another, share their ideas on relevant issues, and extend help when needed. Don’t worry; eventually it will be easier for you to sell to this group once you have established a good reputation among your peers.

Social networking with Facebook is indeed more interesting now. Not to mention that we do our marketing more efficiently using these new features. With the new features, we must not forget the basic things that we have to mind in Facebook marketing particularly about enhancing your profile page and post links to your website. Maximize the benefits of these new features and I’m sure you will enjoy and profit more from this popular social media site.