Bath Remodel Estimate


The bath is the main focus of a bathroom, the feature that grabs the most attention upon entering a bathroom. Therefore, a bathroom remodel is not complete without a bath remodel. Regardless of how upscale a bathroom might be, if the bath is in need of work or is simple old fashioned, it detracts from the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Getting a bath remodel estimate is important before you begin a bath remodel work.

There are different ideas for bath remodel work and what you ultimately choose to go with will affect your bath remodel estimate. In a bath remodel project, you could either choose to work with what you have or go for a new one. Working with what you have would involve using a bath tub liner, re-glazing or refinishing the bathtub.

Bath tub liners are not really expensive. They cost anything from $ 600 upwards and are used when the inside of the bath tub has problems such as scratches, cracks or is just plain fading away. They are made from plastic or PVC and significantly reduce the cost of your bath remodel estimate. Custom made bath tub liners will cost you more but are usually recommended as they are made to fit your tub and will not tamper with the plumbing and faucets.

However if you cannot afford custom made bath tub liners, you could easily go with store-bought ones which would be cut and fitted to your tub by someone who is qualified to do so.

Re-glazing your bath on the other hand is also a neat way to work with an existing bath tub, while giving it the look of a new one. A bathtub glaze work can be DIY except that is not advised because of the chemicals and mixing involved. It is much more preferable that you call an expert to glaze your bath.

Most bath remodel experts however would recommend a bath refinishing as this is only slightly more expensive that a bath tub liner and lasts longer without affecting any of the components of the bath tub such as plumbing and electrical work. Estimating the cost of a bathtub refinishing would depend on the quotes you get from the professionals as each quote would differ from one specialist to the other.

The option which would impact the most on your bath remodel estimate would be purchasing a new bath. The amount a new bath would cost you would pretty much depend on how much you are willing to spend on one. If you have an unlimited budget and have the bathroom space to accommodate one, you could easily go for a whirlpool bathtub, which could go for up to $ 3,000. A claw foot bathtub is also a favorite. If you are on a budget though, it is possible to get a good bathtub for much less.

Do your research, get quotes from workmen or a bath remodel company and use that to form an informed bath remodel estimate.