Bath Accessories – A Bathroom Trip Made Comfortable


Bath accessories are also indispensable items in your bathroom collection. Bathroom hardware will always be the mainstays of your private room, but bath accessories give that extra convenience and sense of satisfaction.

Towel Holders. Nothing seems to be more convenient that installed towel holders in your bathroom. Can you imagine how inconvenient and bothersome a bathroom is without a clothes hanger or holder of some kind? You would have to improvise and put your clothes on the lavatory or even the toilet cover.

Towel holders are usually styled with horizontal bars attached to a bathroom wall. The more dedicated holders are the circular ones. It is easy to put a towel in and pull them out if you need to.

Soap Dispensers. The Japanese took the lead in integrating electronics with the bath life. They have designed bathroom devices that are automatic in providing services, like toilets cleaning you from behind, or faucets that immediately spring to action once your hands are in place.

Bath accessories need not be too sophisticated (and expensive) to provide you with convenience, although soap dispensers have been making rounds in well-to-do homes. Soap dispensers most often come with button on the top or sides to squeeze liquid soap out of a snout or nozzle. The most advanced ones have infrared or some other kind of detection system to automatically dispense liquid soap if there is an objection underneath the detector.

Toothbrush Sanitizer. Worried about getting your toothbrush smeared with dust? Even if you place your toothbrush in its own plastic cover, the microbes will make the bristles their home, since they love warm and wet environments. Sometimes, a curious kind of plaque will build up on the base of the bristles, leading you to purchase another new toothbrush. How on earth do you keep the “yuckies” out?

Well, console yourself with the fact that you will have to replace your toothbrush every three months, since the quality of the bristles will deteriorate and the buildup of plaque will inevitably increase. However, you can always avail of an electric toothbrush sanitizer. This sanitizer shields your brushes away from harmful bacteria and microorganisms that try to make their home within the bristles. The brush portion will be protected in a safe environment where it will undergo ultraviolet radiation treatment. This kind of treatment will kill 99% of the germs around 7 minutes. Talk about roasting your competition. So after you have brushed, plug your toothbrush into the sanitizer, and let the microbes evaporate away.

Toothbrush sanitizers are very cost efficient, and a good one will usually last up to three months, depending on the frequency of use. Most can carry and clean up to four different toothbrushes at the same time.

Toilet Flush Sensor. Are you worried that the latest trip to the bathroom could expose you to germs? Well, don’t worry, you won’t. That is if you are not prone to touch the toilets flush lever.

Don’t we do that every time? Indeed, flush levers are one of the areas in the bathroom with more harmful microbes than any other place (perhaps, second only to the lavatory). Once you have gone through the motions of nature is calling on the toilet, it’s not difficult to figure out why it’s the usual gathering place of germs.

With a toilet flush sensor, you don’t need to worry about touch one lever anymore. This intelligent flush lever is retrofitted with a proximity sensor system that detects the toilet user, and then flushes away once you are out of sight. These bath accessories will render your toilet experience touch-free.