Bars to Visit When You Are Holidaying In Torquay


One of the best places to visit in the United Kingdom has to be Torquay. Nested by the English Rivera, your Torquay holidays will include trips to the restaurants, pubs, and bars of Torquay. You can also take the drive over to Torquay during your holidays in Dorset experience the culinary delights that are on offer here. After a great day of sightseeing you will want to find a great location to unwind and relax to end your day. Having a great bar then is essential to this great end. Here are some of the bars you should check out during your holidays in Dorset. You can include these bars in your Torquay holidays. Here are a few options to consider.

Restaurant/bar at The Cary Arms

Admire the untainted splendour of the Coral Coast and savour the fresh fare from the restaurant bar at the Cary arms. This restaurant uses only fresh produce including a “catch of the day” special every day. If you are looking for a nice comfortable place to enjoy a drink and some delicious pub food during your holidays in Dorset or even during your Torquay holidays you should try this bar. Some of the dishes available at the bar include char grilled beef, roasted duck breast and many other mouth watering dishes. The restaurant’s specialty is in its deserts. The chef’s recommendation is the chocolate mousse truffle.  Wash this all down with English Gin to end your perfect experience at this restaurant bar.

The Dorset Street Bar

This bar is family friendly and that is its biggest draw. The Dorset Street Bar allows one to bring their entire family and all will enjoy their time there. Check out this bar during your holidays in Dorset. You can also visit this place while enjoying your Torquay holidays. The bar has a comfortable ambience and includes professional and friendly staff. What is special about this bar is that it opens in the daytime. This bar is a quasi-restaurant in that it serves proper traditional meals that you can order. They share their recipes openly and show their customers how to bring a piece of The Dorset Street bar home. You can enjoy a couple of drinks and some delicious pub food at this place during your holidays in Dorset. After touring and visiting the various attractions during your Torquay holidays you can step into this place and enjoy a nice relaxing time. Customers often take pictures when they are in the bar and have their photos uploaded online. The bar creates a very fun atmosphere for all to play and have fun in!