Barcelona’s museums


Museums in Barcelona range from art, science, architecture and war among other genres. They make a wonderful learning ground for both foreigners and locals as well. Spain has over the years been an attraction for tourists from all over the world making it the second most visited country in the world.

Barcelona happens to be among the largest cities in the heart of Spain and serves as a tourist destination because of the many attraction sites, art galleries, beaches and museums it has to offer visitors. Some the best museums are in this city although other cities in Spain have their own uniqueness as well.

Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture

This museum is 8th in popularity and has a wide variety of exhibitions varying from paintings, artworks, photos and sculptures from all over the world. These artifacts are from different periods of time and the curators here change the exhibits every few months. It is therefore advisable to research on what the museum is exhibiting if at all you are looking to purchase something or need to see artwork from specific personalities.

Museum d’Historia de Catalunya

This museum focuses mainly on Catalunya’s history. It showcases the different history periods of Catalunya and can be very interesting for history students or for people who seek general knowledge of the city.

Maritime Museum

The museum covers a wide range of maritime artifacts from the 1750s to 1850s. The artifacts are inclusive of Barcelona and its neighboring districts. The famous Christopher Columbus monument is around this area in Port Vell and will amuse you just as the museum will.

Catalan Museum of Archaeology

The museum covers prehistoric periods as well as ancient history. Archaeological remains are given emphasis and are mostly from Catalunya. History learners will find the museum quite helpful but all types of people can visit the museum for its novelty.

Visiting Barcelona will for sure be a life changing experience and a perfect learning ground for scholars who are interested in history. Spain is an exquisite place to be and I can assure you that you will run out of time before you run out of places to visit. For those torn for choice as of where to take a vacation to, why not try Spain and visit its amazing cities? You will not only relax and enjoy, but you will also learn a lot of amazing things about Spain and its history. Give it a try.