Barbuda Travel Guide


What comes to mind when you think of typical Bermuda attractions? Basking in the sun on pristine beaches, cooling off in the crystal clear waters, shopping and taking in the local culture as you dine and bar hop your way into the early morning hours?

This is the common conception most vacationers have of Bermuda. But if you think this is all Bermuda has to offer, you couldn’t be further from the truth. You need insider information before you plan your next vacation to this island paradise.

Of course, you can’t go to Bermuda without experiencing the pristine beaches that make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Go ahead, scuba dive, snorkel, experience the sights of unforgettable marine life as you play on the beaches and in azure waters.

Chaplin Beach and Horseshoe Bay : There are just some of the wonderful beaches of Bermuda. This areas offer great sites for scuba diving as well as snorkeling where you will get to see a variety of the marine creature of Bermuda. There are also wonderful yet affordable hotels dotting the beaches.

Bermuda’s golf and tennis courts : If you are a golf and a tennis enthusiast, then you will surely love Bermuda. Bermuda’s Mid-Ocean club is popular because of the challenges it offers, and this club offers seven courses of 18 holes each course. As for tennis courts, there are numerous in Bermuda that playing tennis will surely be a relaxing one for you because of the wonderful scenery they offer as well as the impeccable services.

Bermuda, a subtropical nation appropriate within the heart of North Atlantic Ocean, caters to visitors who wish to breathe and knowledge an eclectic mix of rich culture, peaceful scenery, and festive surroundings. Its ideal climate warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months will certainly fascinate anyone who’s too tired with the extreme weather in various countries. Individuals mostly of African and European descent who are mindful of protocols and correct etiquette welcome vacationers warmly.

Just as the winter months are the coldest in the U.S., they are also coldest in Bermuda. The exception being their average winter low is only 60 degrees. Of course, with sea temperatures averaging in the mid-60s and obviously too cold for swimming, the weather is still mild enough for the many tourist attractions that Bermuda has to offer. There’s nothing like a mild winter day to enjoy strolling the cobbled streets of historic St. George, visiting centuries-old churches or touring the working lighthouses.