Banned From AdSense Publishing


“But Google, I didn’t do anything to get my AdSense Account banned!”

“How long will it take to have my account restored?”

“It was a mistake, I’m sorry.”

These are the words of a budding Internet Entrepreneur who just got the dreaded email from Google AdSense letting them know “We (Google) must protect our advertisers from Fraud and Abuse.” Yeh friends, I have been there to! I left my house and my blog was signed in to one day and when I returned, my step-son was clicking on the ads for footwear (he loves sneakers) and apparently had been doing so for some time. Truthfully, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but Google did!

I was banned and, well, I lost that source of income but being the person that I am, being banned from AdSense only meant that;

1. There had to be any company that I could make money from using my web space

2. This was a VERY temporary set back from which I would recover

3. Maybe there was another way that I could get my AdSense Account restored. (I inquired, told them what happened and never got a response)

When you are Banned from AdSense, the worst things you can do as an Internet Entrepreneur are;

1. Keep emailing Google trying to plead your case and expecting them to have mercy on you.

2. Fool yourself into thinking that maybe you can get your account back soon

3. Look for an alternative to AdSense.

Let’s look at each of these actions by #.

“Keep emailing Google trying to plead your case and expect them to have mercy on you.”

In their eyes, you tried to steal from them, why should they let you back in the AdSense Program? If you went to an Oil Change Business and when you took the car in for an Oil Change (assuming you don’t live in a 1 horse town) you had $ 5.00 worth of change in your car and when you came back to get the car the change was gone, yes you too would plead your case, but would you take your car back to the place where you got ripped off?

“Fool yourself into thinking that maybe you can get your account back soon”

We are back to the scenario in #1 friends. In addition to that, every day you wait for something that in all likelihood, is never going to happen, you are loosing money. At a MINIMUM, if you are the lucky 8 cases out of every 100 who do get their accounts back, you will wait 90 days or more. You heard it right, 8% of people who apply for reinstatement get their accounts back.

“Look for an AdSense Alternative”

AdSense controls 70% of the market, that leaves 30% that the other top 10 companies are fighting for…

I wrote all of that to write this very thing; Stop being a wishful thinker when it comes down to getting your AdSense account back using the methods that forums and other so-called Gurus say will work. Especially with Forums, the point of forums are to generate DISCUSSIONS, which generate THREADS which generate PAGES which generate TOP SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS!

If you think those folks care about you getting your AdSense or AdWords Accounts back, think again! Now I am not saying that there isn’t valuable information for someone who doesn’t know the top search techniques to put information together into an effective format…But you have to know what you are doing.

Always remember that you are an Entrepreneur with dreams. Those dreams have to stretch farther than a little AdSense Ban. Do not lose hope, ever…If you lose that hope, what have you got left?