Bank of England Museum ? a fascinating gallery housing rich antiquities

One of Europe’s favourite destinations is Great Britain. The country is steeped in history, culture and arts. Beautiful and picturesque sceneries with innumerable options for entertainment and leisure activities offering unique and vivid attractions for even the intrepid traveller are available in abundance.

The city of London is a tourist hot spot for those travelling to this country. It is a cosmopolitan locale with a vibrant society. London is not only home to many world heritage sites but also offers visitors’ relaxation through the capital’s beautiful gardens and lush parks. The shopping and dining options in London are also abundant with entertainment spanning from an eclectic club scene to an array of theatre choices.

A well-known heritage building in the city of London is the Bank of England. Unlike other normal banks, the Bank of England has special functions. Its prime importance is the setting of financial and monetary stability for the country’s economy. The bank also issues bank notes and provides the foundation for a robust financial system ensuring consistency throughout all institutions.

For tourists visiting London, the Bank of England also houses a popular tourist attraction; the Bank of England Museum. Located on the eastside, this building displays the rich history of the Bank, which counts for over 300 years in existence. Among the collections exhibited, include coins, photographs, paintings and documents chronologically arranged to explain its journey. Even more unique are the notes on display ranging from its inception of the 17th century to latter day 19th century coins and tokens.

To attract both local and overseas visitors, the museum organizes various activities and events including both exhibitions and talks with seasonal craft occasions for children. While admission is free, other popular attractions at the museum comprise of the Children’s Corner and the Timeline, both designed with the intention of educating and attracting a wider audience.

A well-known luxury hotel in London is the Langham London. Its rich history and exquisite modern renovations highlight the unique heritage that is celebrated in the city of London. For travellers, this luxury family hotel provides both the perfect setting and luxurious guest accommodation to make one’s stay in London truly memorable.

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