Bangkok Street


TV and taxi know this road. We shop this road very often. Almost people know Pratunam. Pratunam is the area that sells very nice cloth in Bangkok.

Normally, when we shopping in this area we will go to pratunam platinum, Pratunam Platinum is located at the corner of Ratchapralob Road. If you cross the road to another side you will see many street shops. They sell cloth, t-shirt in type of copy from brad name.

It have both of Thai style and teenager style or even soldier uniform. One more step you will see copy perfume. This perfume copy from well-know brand. It sells almost shop in Pratunam. You will love it. Another shop you will see very nice belt. It is nice pattern belt. It also has a brand belt (copy) and none brand. Another step you will see sock. You will see also brand name sock (also copy).

Also, toy in the shop you will see seller try to play toy to show to customer. Seller will play toy to make customer interest their toy. You will feel surprise with style of seller. All the shop in pratunam is booth. Some stores are in the building. Pharmacy sell also medicine and water event hand bag.

Almost store can negotiate price because of copy goods. Another store is 7-11. 7-11 is store that seems like pair of Thai people. Ratchaprarob road have many sub road. In that sub roads have many markets. But we cannot walk all of sub road. We walk only on the main road.

We see that all of store almost the booth. We are surprise that seller can speak English very well. Seller can negotiate price and cheer up customer very well. But the price is not cheap for Thai People. If you would like to buy something in pratunam you have to negotiate the price.

Another step you will see hotel. In that hotel have a department store in low level. In the past this department store was center of teenager. But if you see now you will feel disappointed. Stores are not much and not interesting. Another step walk you will see bank to exchange money. You will see many people in this area. This is the entrance of baiyoke tower. In this building have many store.

This area is a part of pratunam market. It has many entrances to enter to this area. You will see garment shop. If you like something modern you will hate it. This area look very old but you will see many people shopping in this area. It has Thai people and foreigner. This area is sightseeing of Bangkok. So, it has many foreigners form many countries like Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

If you continue you step you will see airport link station. The station is over rail road. The station looks very huge. Now airport link is open. Another step walk you will see 7-11 (again).  It have hardware store in this center location. Strange shop sells trekking equipment.

Then you will see Esso Gas station. Besides, gas station is Rangnam Road. This road is very bustle. Traffic is very density in this road. Seafood restaurant is very nice. This restaurant has grass box to show fresh of their material. And the animal in side that box is alive.

Rangnam road is has many massage shop. It looks very nice. This way is going to royal view resort hotel. In Rangnam road have many restaurant like north east restaurant and glasses shop.  School is inside Rangnam road. Then, you will see park. The park is look to rest.

This park is calling Peace Park. This park is located in front of Royal View Resort hotel. The atmosphere in hotel area is very nice.