Bahamas Honeymoon

.tags Although sunny paradises such as Maldives, Boracay, and the rapidly rebuilding Phuket are enjoying considerable popularity with tourists all over the world, none of them can certainly equal the kind of reputation that Bahamas, a top honeymoon destination, enjoys even today. After the wedding ceremony, you will definitely look forward to more peace and quiet with your new spouse. Your honeymoon presents the perfect opportunity for you to get together alone and savor each other’s company. It’s also the best time for you to unwind, bond romantically while enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds that your preferred honeymoon location offers. Celebrating the start of your new life together calls for the perfect honeymoon spot – the Bahamas. The scenery is breathtaking, the beaches are gorgeous, the climate is warm, and the sunsets a stunning backdrop which will add to the element of romance. One, you probably already know is a money saver for whenever you travel, is to go off-season if you can. That really depends on where you are going and what date your wedding is planned for. We have known some couples who have had their wedding and postponed their honeymoon for a later date. You may not want to do that but it is an idea. If you could fifty per cent you might talk yourself into it. You can also look at flying on the off days. Second, look for the Bahama shoulder seasons for significant discounts. If you can honeymoon after Easter but before the summer gets geared up or between Thanksgiving and Christmas you can usually score some deals. Third, fly Southwest Airlines to Florida if you can. Having worked the Southwest Airlines reservation center, we know that Southwest has great fares regularly. And we know that Southwest has flights to several cities in Florida. There are a number of all inclusive resort packages, including stays at an all inclusive Bahamas honeymoon and casino, depending on your nightlife and gambling desires. Some honeymooners want to spend their night time together in a quiet, intimate room where they will not be disturbed. Others just love being where the action is. So make sure to discuss which of these options is for both of you. After all, you don’t want to argue on your honeymoon. Clear your expectations with each other before you book your trip. Another famous resort is the Tiamo on the South Andros Island. Its 7 nights of bliss Bahamas honeymoon package provides you with meals, transportation and a candlelit champagne dinner. You and your loved one can take a nature tour round the island and get to see to sunset on the ocean’s horizon at the end of the day. You will be pampered with Swedish massage sessions and every day when you wake up, coffee and pastries will be delivered to your door. The Tiamo also offers a wedding package which includes a beach ceremony, champagne and a wedding cake.