Baby Names


Are you expecting a baby? There are a number of things and concerns that come with expecting a baby. How are you and your spouse prepared for it? Are you ready to bring another individual into this world? How will the actual birth go? What are the names you are going to give your baby?

In fact, the latter question is one of the major areas of concern to parents. The name that you are given usually does a lot in creating an impression about you. A good baby boy or baby girl name usually adds up to the chances of many people liking the baby while on the other hand, a name that is considered not so good is usually works to the disadvantage of the baby.

There are a number of factors you have to consider before choosing the potential baby boy names or baby girl names for you child. One thing you have to look at for example is the ethnic background of the baby and your family. What are some of the names that are used within your tribe? What is the determinant factor as to which name should be given to who?

Some cultures have a specific mode of naming. For example, the first born baby boy is named after his father’s father. That means that if you are in such a tribe and you are conservative, you do not have to really look wide for baby boy names. Such tribes also have defined modes of giving baby girl names.

Away from the cultural and ethnic back ground, there is also the fact that there are meanings that are tied to different baby boy names or baby girl names. Therefore the baby is given a name according to the most desirable thing his or her parents wish him or her to be linked with. A few baby boy names meanings are; Jacob meaning supplanter, Ethan meaning Strong, Alexander meaning Defending Men, Joshua meaning God rescues, Christopher meaning bearer of Christ etc. On the side of baby girl names, there are names like; Emma meaning all containing, Isabella meaning my God is a vow, Emily meaning rival, etc.

In most cases, people just throw in names without paying any attention to any of these factors. They name their babies according to the names they find most suitable and adorable. If someone for example grew up fond of a name like ‘Mike’, chances are that that will be the name of the baby that individual gets.

Babies, just like other people also need second names. In most instances, the second name of the baby is automatically derived from the family name, which is always the father’s last name. Where a family second name is not used, a name that abides to the culture of the baby is used. This applies mostly in babies with an origin that is not western, where people give their babies a second name that identify them with a certain culture.