Avoid these traps in your relationships 🚀Abraham Hicks 2018 🚀No ads during segment

Avoid these traps in your relationships 🚀Abraham Hicks 2018 🚀No ads during segment

Abraham Hicks on relationships:
1st past of the conversation: https://youtu.be/MeDJl0elvw0
01:00 Life is going to keep coming at you. Enjoy it as it comes. Every bit of life comes as an answer to a request of expansion. No one is the threat to you other than your split energy!
03:10 Be glad that this situation produced new desire. You gonna enjoy your way to it.
06:00 Example of actual disagreement with the partner. Are you “abrahaming” your partner?
11:20 If you hold a vision of something while someone close to you cannot see that… You both want to be understood, but here’s the trap!
13:40 Every individual has a vortex! Should you discuss your dreams with others?
From Abraham Hicks 2018 workshop in Asheville 4-28-2018. No Ads during segment.

Music at the end ‘Invincible’ from Flying High CD

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